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Sasa Sinek

Sasa Sinek

3D Enthusiast

I really appreciated the comprehensive guide to full product development in this course, setting it apart from the random snippets often seen elsewhere.


The video length is spot on, and overall, it's an outstanding resource for anyone diving deep into product development.

Jason Mooshagian

Jason Mooshagian

Creative Director

Nikita's course packs an incredible amount of practical information. Most would charge for such insights, but he generously shares his expertise.

After this, I'm eagerly diving into the Surface Modeling - Helmet course. Nikita's teachings, both here and on YouTube, are invaluable for anyone looking to master Plasticity.

Maidul Fahim

Maidul Fahim

Freelance 3D Artist

The YouTube tutorials and the Plasticity course have been phenomenal. I'm impressed by the quality of content and the insightful techniques. The mentorship and community are invaluable.


Kevin Sorenson

Kevin Sorenson

3D Artist

This Plasticity free course is an absolute gem, and I highly recommend it for anyone beginning their journey. It's an exceptional introduction that seamlessly transitions into the premium content. I'm looking forward to enrolling in a premium course soon to further enhance my skills.

Kyle D

Kyle D

3D Artist

I discovered the Free Plasticity course on YouTube and was immediately drawn to its detailed approach to Plasticity.


Unlike others, this course is comprehensive and clear. After experiencing its value, I didn't hesitate to purchase additional courses.

Kay Moon

Kay Moon

3D Enthusiast

I picked up this course out of pure desire to learn, and it didn't disappoint. The modeling course completely satisfied my curiosity and opened my eyes to a fresh perspective on product modeling with Plasticity - no bounds, just vast possibilities.


Can't wait to see how much more I can develop my skills with ongoing learning. It's already top-notch in my book.

The Ultimate
Free Plasticity Course

This Plasticity course is for aspiring 3D designers. Covering basics and guiding you to model a detailed Apple Watch Ultra, it offers over 6 hours of insightful content. It sets you on your journey to unlock creativity, bringing your 3D visions to life. 

The Ultimate
Free Plasticity Course

This Plasticity course is for aspiring 3D designers. Covering basics and guiding you to model a detailed Apple Watch Ultra, it offers over 6 hours of insightful content. It sets you on your journey to unlock creativity, bringing your 3D visions to life. With this course, your path to mastering Plasticity and the world of 3D design begins.

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Plasticity Course Modules

1. Installation & Settings

Easily install Plasticity and optimize your settings for a smooth, personalized experience. I’ll guide you through the process step-by-step, ensuring you’re set up for success.

plasticity course for beginners

2. Understand the Interface

Navigate the Plasticity UI like a pro – I make it simple and clear. Get familiar with the tools and features that’ll help you create impressive 3D models.

screenshot of plasticity ui tools

3. Master Basic Operations

Discover the fundamental functions of Plasticity and bring your ideas to life. Learn the core operations that form the backbone of any 3D modeling project.

screenshot of plasticity viewport

4. Basic Modeling Exercise: USB Hub

Apply your new skills in a practical exercise, modeling your first 3D object – a USB hub. This hands-on experience will solidify your understanding and boost your confidence.

5. Lofting & Surfaces

Learn & understand the basics of advanced techniques like lofting and working with surfaces to take your models to the next level. Equip yourself with the skills needed to tackle more complex design projects.

plasticity lofting

6. Apple Watch Ultra Modeling

Ready for a challenge?

Let’s build a 3D model of an Apple Watch Ultra. With all the skills you’ve learned and step-by-step guidance, you’ll see just how far you’ve come and get a real feel for the amazing things you can create with Plasticity. This is the moment your creative potential fully unfolds!

Total of 27 Lessons in the Course

17 exclusive lessons are devoted entirely to mastering the Apple Watch Ultra modeling. This in-depth focus ensures a thorough understanding and detailed execution of this complex 3D model, truly bringing your skills to life.

Main Body
Mesh Grid
Left Side
Right Side

Bonus #1: Export

Learn how to export a clean mesh-topology in Plasticity, so you can work further with it in your 3D application. 

plasticity export settings

Bonus #2: Deforming

You will see, how we can take the Plasticity mesh and deform it without any problems. 

Download the Plasticity Course and dive into the fascinating world of 3D modeling & design.

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