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Dior Homme - 3D Perfume Rendering

A personal project showing the Dior Homme perfume in different creative expressions. I practiced with this project different techniques like 3D modeling, lighting, compositing, framing and various different scenes to push myself to take the same object and express it in interesting ways.
In addition high quality and photo-realistic 3D perfume product rendering were created to explore composition, nature, light and atmosphere. 

Software used: Cinema4D, Octane Render, RizomUV, Photoshop

How post processing boosts the 3d perfume renderings

The left image is the result of the Octane Render. But I always love to edit and compose afterward in Photoshop. Because I can add the last magic details, adjust the flair and merge everything into one high-quality product rendering.

Wonderful & elegant close-up 3d perfume renderings

When it comes to 3D Perfume Product Renderings one thing should not be missing. Close-up shots. Because glass, metal & liquid are just so elegant and beautiful, especially when the design is very geometric and simple like this fragrance.

Lighting and shading of the 3d perfume rendering

This rendering has very dramatic yet elegant lighting and the beautiful caustics reflected onto the rocks give it a very luxurious look.

More 3D Perfume Renderings

I thought that the Dior perfume fits perfectly with some rough objects like an old tree and some rocks to imitate it’s intense and strong smell. And that beautiful old olive tree frames the 3D Rendering perfectly and guides the eye to the perfume in a beautiful & elegant way.

Photography nikita Kapustin in nature

Nikita Kapustin
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Nikita Kapustin