Nikita Kapustin

Drone Product Rendering

This project is showcasing beautiful drone product renderings of a product design concept of a drone created in my new Plasticity 3D Modeling course. In over 8 hours of content, we are creating 4 individual Sci-Fi & Product Designs.

A Sci-fi prop, a Sci-Fi grenade, a drone concept, and a Camera module of the DJI Mavic Pro 3.

However, I am presenting just the drone in its fullest beauty in this project.

drone product rendering

Drone Product Rendering Frames

Always great to showcase the full design with some product animations. The movement also brings life & character to those flashing product renderings.

Post Production

Post-production truly brings out the magic in any 3D work, turning raw renderings into captivating masterpieces. My passion lies in this artistic exploration, where I get to infuse each image with a unique, mesmerizing character.

Here you’ll see the transformative power of color grading and editing, as I take you from the initial renderings of the drone to the final, polished visuals. It’s an exhilarating process, one where creativity meets technique to create stunning imagery.

Additional Look Development

Exploring dark, dramatic and studio lighting with this drone concept to push further to find out how to present the drone in the best possible and professional way.

Plasticity 3D Viewport Screenshots

The entire drone and its camera module were created with the incredible new CAD program Plasticity 3D. Which has the slogan “CAD for artists”.

So intuitive, amazing and fun to work with. The course covers in over 8 hours of beginner and advanced modeling techniques like working with lofts and surfaces.

Drone Product Rendering References

For the modeling design, I found a rough sketch design and tried to recreate the main shape. But I was missing a camera so I thought to include the absolutely incredible camera module design of the DJI Mavic Pro 3.

For the rendering, I was heavily inspired by DJI’s rendering style. I enjoy working from references a lot and find it a crucial part of my ability to grow my renderings skills fast, as one has to push oneself and figure out how it was made in the reference.

The modeling was done entirely in Plasticity. An amazing powerful CAD tool for artists & designers. As usual, I do the whole creative imagery in Cinema4D & Octane Renderer. The post-production was done in Photoshop.

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Nikita Kapustin