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two modern iphone 3d renderings

Beautiful crystal clear iPhone case Product Rendering

A personal project showcasing the gorgeous design of the iPhone 12 Pro in combination with the crystal clear case.

Glass and metals are pleasing materials. In combination with the hard and clear edges of the iPhone and the case it creates wonderful and modern 3D product renderings.

Extremely detailed iPhone 3D model

I’ve created as a practice those high-quality 3D models of the iPhone & the case. 
Investing time and effort into creating detailed 3D models and top-notch materials is crucial for hyper-realistic 3D product renderings.

Outstanding modern composition

Nowadays it’s all about the presentation and showcasing the product. To get the viewer’s attention they have to be absolutely high class. Especially a device like an iPhone.
That’s what I’ve created here. A beautiful 3D rendering showing the case from the important sides.

In comparison you see on the right the so called “clay render”. A representation of the high-quality 3D model with no textures, materials & lighting. To get to the final rendering there are a lot of steps & techniques necessary

You can check out my YouTube Channel. Over there I teach aspiring 3D artist to create professional 3D product renderings.

isolated iphone 3d renders with transparent glass cases
iPhone and case 3D clay render

iPhone Case Rendering

Showcasing the flexibility and elegance of the case in dark luxury environments and smooth lighting. Those are giving the product renderings the professional and exceptional look.

iphone render with transparent bending case
iphone black transparent dramatic 3d renderi
two transparent iphone case in black studio
Photography nikita Kapustin in nature

Nikita Kapustin
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Nikita Kapustin