Nikita Kapustin

Photorealistic Machine Systems Rendering

With this task, I had the task of creating professional and photorealistic machine systems 3D renderings for web applications, their homepage and brochures for the company DINO Maschinenbau GmbH.

The company porvided me the CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) Files in STEP format. I had to export the cad files with Fusion360 as a .fbx mesh so I can further use it. I imported the machines into Cinema4D and cleaned up the topology and fixed small issues within the mess. Also, a big part is organizing all the 3D objects so I can easily use them in my workflow and I don’t have to search too long.

The most part was done in Otoy’s Octane Render. A very powerful physically accurate render engine that I use for creating photorealistic materials, textures and lighting. Final touches were added in Adobe Photoshop.

"We commissioned Nikita to display our industrial machine systems with photorealistic product renderings. The process and the communication were great - super uncomplicated and absolutely fast delivery! We will rely on Nikita again as soon as we have further systems or projects."
Marcel Lisser
CEO | Dino Maschinenbau GmbH
Photography nikita Kapustin in nature

Nikita Kapustin
Freelance 3D Artist & Educator

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Nikita Kapustin