Nikita Kapustin


Starting out in product rendering, Nikita Kapustin quickly realized that the real joy wasn’t just in creating, but in teaching and seeing others flourish. His goal with Plasticity 3D Modeling is straightforward yet profound: to ensure every student achieves unparalleled results and successes.

His aspiration to create insightful online courses stems from a deep-seated belief that education should lead to tangible outcomes. Nikita’s YouTube channel isn’t just a showcase of his expertise but a testament to his student-centric approach. Every tutorial, every tip, is meticulously crafted with one aim – to elevate the skills and achievements of his students.

For Nikita, the essence of his work lies not in numbers or personal accolades but in the stories of students who’ve grown, improved, and made their mark in the 3D modeling world. Grounded in this belief, Nikita continues to teach and learn, aiming to make a quiet, yet lasting impact through education.

Photography of Nikita Kapustin
Nikita Kapustin