Nikita Kapustin

Do you have a passion for 3D Art and Design? Are you looking for ways to transform this passion into a profitable freelance business?

In this course, you will learn how to transform your passion for 3D art into a prosperous freelance business, mastering essential skills from crafting professional 3D work and a compelling portfolio to navigating client communications and business management effectively.

Course Modules:

00 – Preamble And Introduction
✅ 01 – Introduction 3D Freelancing
✅ 02 – Creating Professional 3D Work
✅ 03 – Building Your Professional Portfolio
✅ 04 – Establishing Online Presence & Building Brand
✅ 05 – Finding And Reaching Out To Clients
✅ 06 – Get Them On A Meeting Or Call
✅ 07 – Managing Your Freelance Business
✅ 08 – Conclusion And Next Steps

How to start and grow a 3d freelance business
Nikita Kapustin