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A little story about my life and how it came to that artwork

At the end of 2020 I left my homeland Germany, because I wanted to change something in my life. I was unhappy, took drugs, and partied all the time. Had toxic friendships, didn’t know what to do, who I am and where I wanna go. I was a mess, but I always felt that there must be more in life and I am doing something wrong. I was conscious about it, but didn’t know how to change it.

Before I left, I stopped with the drugs, with the party, ended most of the friendships and fell into a deep depression of course. Because all that I was (Techno DJ in Berlin who was all the time partying and playing in clubs and living a wild party life) stopped from one day to another. And I was really lost, I didn’t have any identity, it was so painful to be even with myself.


Djing in one of the Berlin Underground Techno Clubs

Then, Covid started at the end of 2020 and I saw a possibility, just to sell everything that I have and just go. No real plan, just into the unknown. I always trusted life itself, that everything will be fine in the end. And what I could lose? Nothing. I already lost everything – including myself. Before I finally left, I invested a big part of my saved money that I had into crypto (before the bull run), because I found a project in which I really believed. With the rest of the money I would have maybe 4-5 months to live abroad.
Other than that I had no more money, no job, no income. Not even friends or family, who could help me out, if the money would be gone. So I put myself into the position to somehow build an income stream, while traveling, for the first time in 25 years. Of course My plans didn’t work out at all and everything came completely different. I will come to that later.

So my first country was Portugal. I stayed there in some places and tried to build some income streams with my art. Didn’t work out. I lived 2 months there, was alone, and confronted with myself.
In the beginning it was cool, an experience – you know, first time traveling alone. But I couldn’t focus on the “business” to build some kind of an income stream. Then I got bored and unhappy again there and I left for Albania, because it was also cheaper there which was good for me, because I was only living off my little savings.


Portugal, Algarve – first country after I left Germany

In Albania my life was pretty the same. I was alone, trying to build some income stream and just trying to figure out myself and life. Of course everything was unsuccessful. Again I changed the country again and moved to Montenegro for some time.

The same, but this time I met at least a great woman there and spent a lot of time. And she went kind of the same struggles and pain I went but on a different level. But we talked a lot and that helped me to understand a bit more in life. In general I am a very reflected person and think about everything. But most of the time I don’t come to a conclusion. Or better, when I come to an answer, I get 3 more questions in life which have to be investigated.


Montenegro, Kotor – Beautiful place

At that time the bull run was already heavily in progress. And out of my little investment in crypto that I did before I left I had plenty of money. So I wasn’t that stressed anymore and didn’t have the pressure to build an income stream as fast as possible. I guess till today, the universe rewarded my courageous step into the unknown with that.
Anyway, somehow I traveled to Mexico. I don’t know why exactly I got there. Life just brings me there somehow.

In Mexico everything went different. Before Mexico I always stayed in the countries I was in apartments and just was lonely and didn’t do much. Didn’t see much of the country etc.
Mexico was sooo interesting and different then Europe, that I decided spontaneously just to forget about trying to build an income stream but for the first time just take the money that I had plenty of and travel, see the country, meet people, get in adventures. So I just traveled for a few months with a backpack. I stayed here and there for a few days, visited the Chichen Itza, the El Castillo pyramid (which you find in my artwork). Very mystic place.
I am in general very interested in the past civilizations and all the secrets they bring.
So I traveled a lot there like a classic backpacker, stayed in Hostels, met new people, had a lot of interesting experiences and talks, till I came to Mazunte where I stayed for 1.5 months. I was in a very quiet, spiritual, kind little town by the sea.


Mexico, Chichen Itza – El Castillo the pyramid of the Mayas

But again, after some time of staying at one place I got again unhappy, depressed, and felt uncomfortable with myself. So I moved on again. Then, I remember it was in Tepoztlan in Mexico that at night I woke up and had an idea, an understanding. I understood that I really had to start with something that I am good at. To build an income stream with my talents which was definitely digital art. Getting life together. I knew I couldn’t travel all the time forever. I didn’t find that happiness in it. Also it was so much stress for me to build a business AND to travel. That was too much pressure for me.

And I am in general a person who needs a lot of time alone, in quietness where I can concentrate. So I decided to come back to Europe, travel to Georgia, where life is super cheap and to stay there and to focus on my craft and start to build an online business as an artist.

In Georgia I found a nice, cheap, comfortable apartment and started with some ideas I had. My journey wasn’t easy. I was still confused about what exactly I would want to be so I was flipping occasionally between graffiti art and techno music at the beginning. I am very passionate about techno music which I guess I will get into as a side hobby at least later on in life. Interestingly, in my digital artwork you can find some speakers, which represent my passion for music and spray cans which goes back to my passion as a graffiti artist.


Then I started with 3D. It was my first time. Before I always did digital art with Photoshop. I always did compositions which I really enjoyed, but when I started Cinema4D (A 3d programm) I fell so much in love with it. It was instant. All the endless possibilities. The absolute 100% creative freedom you have with 3D. You can do everything like you want. You don’t have to find the perfect images which fit your composition, when you work with Photoshop. You just create everything from scratch yourself. And in my opinion 3D is the medium of our current time. Everything goes digital, the metaverse is coming, artificial, virtual realities. And all that has to be built with 3D. It’s the future. And it’s awesome.


My favourite 2 programs I create with – Cinema4D + Octane Render

So for the first time I really started to practice everyday for many hours. In the beginning I had to push myself and still have to. But it gets easier with practice and consistency. So now I found something that really fulfills me. I can express my feelings, my thoughts, my emotions and visions with it. It helps me. It helps me inspire people and relate to something in their own lives, see things differently or just get a glimpse of different perspectives. Or even just inspire to create art themselves.

So now I decided finally that I want to create, and this is it. After all that searching, pain and uncertain times. I have been here in Georgia for over half a year now, building my own PC, with which I work on the 3D renders and I don’t have any plans where or when I will go next. It’s cheap here, it’s comfortable and I can concentrate on myself and the creative process.But still I don’t have any income stream. And I am living more than a year already only on my savings. And as you guys know, the market is bleeding now and I didn’t take profits when the market was on its peak. (That mistake I will never do again, but hey, it was my first bull-run and it was an awesome experience). And of course it will go up again 😉


Having a little road trip in Georgia

But out of my money not much is left. I have some money to live a few more months, but all that money I wanted in the first place to save as a long term investment is almost gone, because of traveling. But I don’t regret it. In that past year I changed completely as a person. I got so much more experience, answers and understanding, that I see it as an investment in my life. But still, this money won’t last forever and I never want to do anything else just to earn money or certainly not to go back to a normal job.
I want to travel, see the world, and earn a lot more experiences. Besides, I want to know myself and be able to create art without stressing about earning money with it.

And that is how I finally decided to be an NFT artist. Combining my 2 big passions. Art and new technologies (crypto). Now I can focus on it and I know what I want. That’s why I also waited so long to enter the NFT space. Because I wasn’t sure if I really saw myself in it and I didn’t sell just my art for the sake of making “fast” money. I have to stand behind it and it should come out of the heart in my opinion.

So yeah, I am so happy if you read till here. I just wanted to tell some of myself, my story and my art. Enjoy the artwork, pause it, look into the details. You can find many interesting things. And all of that happens in my head and is part of me.

Thank you very much!:)

Much love, Nikita


Me, Galactic Nikita 🙂

2 thoughts on “A little story about my life and how it came to that artwork”

  1. Keep bringing this blog posts about how you turned your life they are sure having great impact on me have been design for the last 5 years but I still feel i need to put in more and extra effort commitment if am to create works close to what I see online or done by great teams or creatives. But with the levels of destructions I have to conquer I wont give in.
    Reading this clearly shows me that I can do that and achieve greatness.

    1. Hi Kalemera,

      Thank you for sharing your experience! We all have struggles and we all have to learn how to reach our full potential.
      I checked out your work on Behance and you have some nice work. Keep learning, keep fighting!

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