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How to create a fascinating cosmetics product rendering?

professional 3D cosmetics product rendering tutorial

In this YouTube tutorial series, we will recreate the amazing 3D cosmetics product rendering “PLANETARA” in Cinema4D, Octane Render and Adobe Photoshop. Where the beauty of cosmetics meets the mystics of nature. We will create in this detailed STEP-BY-STEP tutorial everything from scratch to the final edited image. We will cover scene setup, product design, product labels, how to create photorealistic plants on rocks, how to achieve extremely beautiful lighting, how to create beautiful materials and shaders and how to bring everything together in the post-processing part.

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In Part 1 we will set up the scene with the needed assets like rocks and tree branches. Then we will take our cosmetics or any other objects that we want to present and create in Photoshop a label design with different material masks.

Planetara 3d cosmetics rendering youtube tutorial
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