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Welcome to the Plasticity Course

The full Courses are available on our Community Platform. You can join and watch all the modules at your own pace and ask the community for help.

How to Access the Course
Video Instruction

I’ve recorded a quick video showing you how to access the course and how to solve problems if they occur. Please watch this video. Otherwise, I have below a written instruction. (Troubleshooting included)

Text Instruction

This is a written instruction with screenshots on how to get access to the courses. Read them carefully or watch the video above.  (Troubleshooting included)

Step 01:
Go to your email inbox and search for “Ultimate 3D Community invited you to joint community

Step 02:
In that particular email, it will say “This invite grants you access to these courses” and it will show you all the courses as bullet points that you purchased.


-> Click on the big, juicy “JOIN NOW” button

Step 03:
Create an account profile on
-> Select an avatar and write a bio. and click Sign Up
(If you are already a member of our community, you will be directed to our community automatically. So you just have to login with your profile details)

Step 04:
Go to the “Classroom” tab. You will find all our courses there. All courses which you purchased will be available. Others will be locked.

By clicking on the “JOIN NOW” button in the previous email, you will unlock the courses, which you have purchased.


A few little issues can occur in this process. They should be resolved quickly. Let’s have a look.

Problem 01:
You didn’t get any email or the access to the course is “locked”. Please do the following.

1. Reload/Refresh the website.
2. Reload the browser.
3. Click again on the “JOIN NOW” button in the email.
4. Clear your cookies in your browser settings.
5. Try another browser.

Problem 02:
You can’t watch the video on our Community ( and you get this error:

1. Clean your browser cookie settings & restart your browser.
2. Use a different browser.

Problem 03: Still not working
No probem at all. Click the link below to join manually our community.

How to join?

Step 1: Click the link above and create a account (Fill in your name, bio + profile picture) (1min)

Step 2: Answer the Questions like your email,  and IMPORTANT:

Write in the box: “Why do you want to join the group”

-> “Course Purchase”

So I know that you purchased the Course and I can give you access to it. (Also write the same email with which you purchased the course on Gumroad/Stripe)
Please type in the same email, with which you purchased the course here on Gumroad/Stripe.

Additional Information:

I am most of the time at my PC, so I will see when you request to access the course. If I am on the way or sleeping:

-> Write me a short email to that you purchased the course and applied to join the community so I see it in my phone notifications, so I can approve your request as soon as possible. 
(Attach your receipt and your email)

Thank You!
Enjoy The Course

Nikita Kapustin