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Crystal Case
iPhone Case Product Animation

Crystal Case is an iPhone case 3D product animation as a personal project. I’ve decided to create this amazing 3D product animation to showcase the endless possibilities of 3D product rendering animations. The idea was to create luxury & elegant scenes combined with powerful 3D visual effects to show the high quality properties of the iPhone case and create an iPhone case animation where the viewer is absorbed into the animation


This iPhone case product animation consists of a lot of different scenes & effects, so the viewer gets the full power of visual emotions.
As it is a personal project, I decided to include a lot of different scenes and effects in the animation. It was a good opportunity to learn and practice different tools, techniques, dynamics & functions. Furthermore, the scenes and cuts of the commercial happen very fast. It grabs the viewers attention and makes it exciting to watch.

Post Editing

After the 3D product animation was created, I rendered a few more stills of different scenes and camera angles, as I have many years of photo editing background. I just love the magic, that happens, when you take the raw rendering and create astonishing product renderings of them. All the final details, color corrections, final touches and effects are coming together.
Here are a few before and after product renderings.

iPhone Case Product Renderings

In addition here are a few more still product renderings snapshots of the animation, that could be used in print, on social media or on websites for special presentational purposes. They show the different scenes in more detail and beauty.

Cinematic iPhone Product Renderings

Those are a few more “effective” cinematic 3D product renderings of the iPhone case with a very punchy and outstanding editing style.

Inspiration / References

I got the inspiration from an iPhone case animation I saw on Amazon. The product is a best seller. That’s why product visualizations are extremely important.
Also, I like the look of those natural rough rocks and cliffs and I had the idea of a “crystal clear”, transparent iPhone case. So I added a few diamonds and gems to add that extra luxury effect.

Inspiration / References

Before starting an extended product animation, it is key to create a storyboard, where one can collect ideas, determine the sequences, think about camera movement, framing, effects & breaks etc.
Also, this initial time investment is extremely helpful in the later stages. Because everything is organized and logically prepared. So one can focus on the animation part completely.

It also goes for preparing the scenes to sync with the music and thinking about the sound effects and editing style. Here you see my storyboard I created.

Photography nikita Kapustin in nature

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