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Beginner Introduction To
Sci-Fi Concept Modeling

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Main Course Content

Featuring 8 in-depth lessons focused on crafting a complete sci-fi environment concept from scratch. Each lesson is packed with fully narrated, step-by-step instructions, providing you with clear guidance on every aspect of the modeling process.

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Main Machine

Create the main object blockout which will be the center piece of your environment concept.


Create a wall around your main machine, which will establish the boundaries of your environment.

Floor + Details

Create a floor with panels to support details and objects in your scene.

BONUS - Table Design

Learn how to model a complex sci-fi asset, build your own creative asset library and use your assets in all your projects. Create once, use everywhere.

Final Touches

Adding final details and fillets makes the scene pop and gives it a powerful aesthetic. Closing thoughts on how to implement everything that you’ve learned in your individual projects.

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In this course you will...

Master 3D Modeling Essentials

Learn all key & fundamental 3D Modeling tools in Plasticity.

Fast & Efficient Modeling

Learn how to work fast with the most efficient, expert-proven techniques.

Complete Sci-Fi Environment

Master the process of building a concept idea from scratch.

Universal Modeling Workflow

Use the learned modeling workflow for any Sci-Fi project.

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Get support
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Fully narrated &
thought process explained

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Master Sci-Fi Design

And unleash your greatest creativity
to completely new heights.

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Sci-Fi Kitbash Pack

Want to create Sci-Fi projects even faster
and focus on concepts and compositing?

Get the Sci-Fi Kitbash Pack

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Kitbash Content

Supercharge your 3D workflow with
120+ unique objects and 1500+ parts. Utilize
high-quality Sci-Fi assets and create outstanding work even faster and better than ever before.

Technical Details

- 120+ unique objects
- 1500+ parts
- completely modular
- high-details
- high-poly
- .fbx .obj .blend file
- no UV / textures
- mostly n-gons

Premium Categories

All objects are organized in categories.
10 most common sci-fi categories cover
the essentials for any outstanding concept project.
No mess. No search.
Just pick & go.

Structures (Assembled)

Structure Modular Parts







4 Assembled Examples

sci-fi kitbash pack

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Sci-Fi Environment

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the point of the course?

This comprehensive guide is designed as a complete solution for mastering the essential Plasticity tools & techniques for Sci-Fi & Concept Design, saving you from the hassle of piecing together tutorials.

Is this course suitable for beginners?

Yes, this course is ideal for beginners. The course is structured to enhance your skills from the ground up, providing a comprehensive foundation in basic modeling tools.

How is it different from other courses?

This course stands out with its detailed narration and clarity. It focuses on unique techniques, setting a high standard in Plasticity 3D courses.

Which Plasticity version do I need?

This course requires an Indie license. You can follow along with every Plasticity version from 1.2 and above. If you have the Studio license, everything is the same for you and you can follow along as well.

Will this course help me to make money?

Absolutely! By mastering the modeling skills taught here, you can monetize your abilities, either by selling 3D models or freelancing.

I still have some questions. What should I do?

For any more questions or clarifications, feel free to email me at nikita@nikitakapustin.com, and I'll be glad to help.

Master Sci-Fi Modeling in Plasticity

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Nikita Kapustin