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Surface Modeling
4-in-1 Course Collection

Volume 1

Master Surface Modeling with these 4 courses

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Course Content 📦

This bundle consists of 4 courses. All 4 designs are modeled with 100% surface modeling techniques. And you will learn the key & fundamental workflows of high-quality Surface Modeling in Plasticity.

Sci-Fi Helmet

Learn how to model outstanding and eye-catching sci-fi design and forms. Organic complexity combined with “robotic” precission.

Oil Bottle

Learn even more how to combine organic forms with hard edges and precise shapes like this incredible oil bottle design. Organic Hard-Surface modeling in CAD with perfection and beauty.

Water Bottle

Master ultra-modern industrial design with this amazing sporty bottle. Again the balance of hard edges and organic shapes is what makes it so mesmerizing and outstanding.

Oxygen Mask

Learn the workflow that makes it possible to attach realistically any object onto a real head or face reference. Create an oxygen mask and master precise surface modeling techniques.

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plasticity 3d exclusive bonus courses

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the point of the course collection?

It's a detailed guide to mastering Plasticity 3D surface modeling, saving you hours of searching through tutorials. This course collection offers a complete, step-by-step approach.

I’m a beginner. Will this course help me?

You need a basic understanding of Surface Modeling, which you can get from my free YouTube videos.
Absolute beginners might start with [this] course first.

How is it different from other courses?

This course stands out with its detailed narration and clarity. It focuses on unique techniques, setting a high standard in Plasticity 3D courses.

Which Plasticity license/version do I need?

This course requires an Indie license. You can follow along with every Plasticity version from 1.2 and above. If you have the Studio license, everything is the same for you and you can follow along as well.

Will this course help me to make money?

Absolutely! By mastering the modeling skills taught here, you can monetize your abilities, either by selling 3D models or freelancing.

I still have some questions. What should I do?

For any more questions or clarifications, feel free to email me at nikita@nikitakapustin.com, and I'll be glad to help.

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